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10 Amazing Amazon Kitchen Finds

It's the beginning of the year and if you're anything like me, you've been decluttering, clearing out and organizing your home. From moving into our home in early November to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I've been somewhere between unpacking and setting up house to baking pies and stringing lights. Needless to say, we're still getting it together over here but if there's one room in my home that's been ready to go since closing day, it's been the kitchen. Like many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home and for me, it also serves as my work space. Since most of my day is spent in the kitchen baking, I need it to be as functional and efficiently kept as I need it to be attractive and comfortable to be in. Clean, open counters are important to me but so is making use of every bit of space I have.

While thinking about how I want my kitchen to look and function, I've found some great pieces along the way that are pretty to look at and pretty amazing for everyday use. I’ve got 10 great finds from Amazon below along with a few other finds that are a great addition that I hope you’ll like and maybe consider. As for kitchen design, we’re still working on making some changes and upgrades so be on the lookout for another kitchen blog post in the future.

Disclosure: Some links are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. As an affiliate, I only recommend products and services that I personally trust and use. Thank you always for your support.

1. This 7 Slot Kitchen Drawer Organizer

This organizer is spacious, expandable, made from Bamboo and comes with two knife blocks that are removable. I chose this organizer because I am able to customize it to fit the drawer and my flatware along with other utenstils and larger pieces. I like that it's neutral in color and design so this would work well in any kitchen. It saves so much space and keeps the flatware nice and tidy.

2. This 8-Tier Pots and Pan Organizer for Cabinet

Firstly, I know it's 2023 but I still believe in lining the interior of my cabinets. I believe it really helps in preserving the cabinets by preventing wear and tear. It also keeps things from slipping and sliding around which keeps things tidy. I like to use a non-stick shelf liner and these are an eco-friendly option I found at HomeGoods.

Now about this organizer which has saved so much frustration! I've tried every possible way to organize my pots and pans over the years and I always thought purchasing one of these was unnecessary. This organizer can be set up 3 different ways, holds has 8 tiers and extra dividers can be purchased if you need them. This has eliminated any hassle in putting pots and pans away and when I'm cooking I can just grab what I need and I don't have to move pots around or find lids that match. This organizer saves space, time, and has kept me from losing my mind while making dinner. A true win.

3. DaTerra Cucina Vesuvio Ceramic Cookware

I have a lot to say about this cookware! This time last year, DaTerra Cucina was kind enough to send me their 11-inch non-stick Vesuvio Fry Pan to try out. I instantly fell in love with this cookware for its ease of use, amazing lids and overall design. This is beautiful, sleek cookware that does the job and most importantly, it's non-toxic. This cookware is completely Teflon-free with no PTFEs or PFQAs. This cookware has an aluminum base and is very durable but is also light enough to easily manage and cook with. The ceramic coating in the cookware is truly non-stick and requires less oil and/or butter when cooking.

I personally love the lids as they are not hot to the touch and the design of the handles are perfect, making them easier to hold without burning your hands. We especially love the wok and use it often. After one use of the 11-inch fry pan, I knew we needed the entire Vesuvio Collection. They are truly beautiful, are easy to use and clean. I'm so happy I finally found high quality cookware that I know will last and is well worth the investment! DaTerra also makes great quality knives, roasting pans and baking sheets.

4. These Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

These kitchen shears mean absolute business and if Marvel had a housewife-superhero-type, I am her. These shears are to me what that hammer thing is to Thor. I use them for everything!

5. This 9-Piece Wooden Utensil Set

I love this wooden utensil set for every day cooking. These work really well with my DaTerra cookware. They are extremely good quality for the price and they look beautiful on the counter. They are made with real wood and have held up extremely well through every wash.

6. This 6-Piece Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls with Lids

These nesting bowls are such a fantastic value! The bottom of each bowl has a non-stick grip bottom so they stay in place on the counter when mixing, stirring or working with dough. The sizes of the bowls range from 1 quart to 7 quarts and the lids (BPA-free) are airtight and seal perfectly. These can go right in the dishwasher too which I love! From salad, to marinades to bread rising or simply to hold leftovers, these bowls are a great addition to your kitchen!

7. Food Storage Bag Organizer with Plastic Wrap Dispenser by Calmbee

Better organization plus space saving? Sign me up! Do you get your plastic wrap tied, twisted up and stuck to the roll or is that just me? I was tired of my food storage bags, plastic wrap, wax paper, and foil getting stuck in the drawer, and turning into a cramped mess that takes up useless space. I found this organizer which is drawer friendly and can be wall mounted. My spatula collection has taken over the last bit of drawer space so I opted to hang this in our pantry. I love that this organizer holds every size bag and it's so easy to tear whatever I need now and I'm not wasting plastic wrap.

8. Berlinger Haus Knife Set

We were in desperate need of a new knife set and when I spotted this set from Berlinger Haus I loved the look of them. I'm going to be honest here, I loved the appearance and this purchase may have been slightly impulsive however they are incredibly sharp and are easy to use. The grip is good and the precision is amazing. This set includes 5 essential knives including a fantastic utility knife plus a sharpener. It also comes in a beautiful emerald green color as well.

9. Over the Sink Colander

This over the sink colander beats any other strainer I have ever used. In fact, this colander expands and locks to the desired size so you really only need this one in your kitchen. Since it rests right on the sink and counter, I no longer struggle pouring hot pots of paste over to drain. I wash fruit and vegetables in this, rinse beans-you name it. I wish I had found it sooner. It's one of the most functional pieces I've added to our kitchen and it's a great, affordable find.

10. Kitchen Aid Pro-Line 7-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer in Cast-Iron

Last but certainly not least, this stand mixer by Kitchen Aid was an investment that was worth the wait. I first spotted this Kitchen Aid Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer from the Pro-Line series at Crate & Barrel and I knew she was the one. I had been wanting to get a larger mixer for some time and I had a great need for one since I am always baking and this 7 quart has really helped with doubling batches. Now I can rely on this mixer instead of operating a couple at a time in rotation...unless it's buttercream day of course!

The cast iron finish has a beautiful texture and is in a sleek, matte black. I've always opted for light or pastel colors with my mixers but this one reeled me in. It works well, has tremendous power and is easy to use and clean.

Here are a few honorable mentions that I absolutely love:

These cloths are amazing! They absorb everything and clean all types of surfaces so well!

These bag clips are pretty and just the thing if you're going for cohesion. They're also not bulky like other bag clips.

I'm really trying to take better care of my hands and nails so these dishwashing gloves are great at not only cleaning but protecting as well. They work really well when scrubbing pots and large dishes as well as bakeware.

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