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Creamy Tuscan Chicken Pasta

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

This is our go-to meal when we are in a hurry or when I don’t feel like cooking! It takes maybe 30 minutes to cook. I’ve made this before using sausage as well and it is delicious! For a lighter option, milk or half and half could be used instead of heavy cream and of course garlic and other seasonings are relative to preference. If I’m honest, I probably add more than what I’ve listed below. Make this dish to your liking, we have it nearly once a week in some variation. It’s always comforting, quick and I can make use of that giant bag of spinach I insist on buying each week that has a permanent place in the crisper.

Here's a little bit about Daterra Cucina's Non Stick Cookware:

Daterra Cucina is a family owned and operated company that creates Italian-inspired kitchenware produced in Italy. Their products can be found on Amazon and you can check them out via the link I've provided above. I love that this cookware is non-toxic and fully Teflon-free with no PTFEs or PFQAs plus the ceramic coating reduces the need for excessive oil. The cookware is light and durable yet heavy duty with an aluminum base. The oven-safe, tempered glass lids and the handles are so easy to use. I especially love that the handles on the pan and lid are not hot to the touch when cooking, that’s a total win for me!

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