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Fluffy Strawberry American Buttercream

Updated: May 4, 2022

American buttercream sometimes gets a bad rep for being overly thick or sweet and some even say it's "pure sugar"....but that's kinda what any frosting or buttercream is, correct? Butter and sugar surely sounds good to me and I love a good buttercream however I do know when it hurts the teeth, it's probably a tad too sweet. I love that this strawberry buttercream is the right amount of sweet, is soft and fluffy but thick enough to pipe and spread on your favorite cookies and cakes.

American buttercream is incredibly easy to make, not much goes into it so the directions are simple. I think it's important to note that once the butterceam is whipped, it does not mean it's ready. The longer the buttercream is whipped, the softer and more runny it may become however if it's not whipped enough than the texture may be off. This is why many people often say American buttercream is gritty so the key here is to mix or whip the buttercream enough but not too much.

For this recipe, the quality of the strawberry jam as well as extracts and flavorings truly make a difference. I always recommend Bonne Maman for jams and preserves. Amoretti makes a fantastic strawberry flavoring that is all natural and I've linked it below. I add half a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract to this buttercream as it compliments the strawberry flavor and enhances the creamy flavor from the butter and cream as well.

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