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Strawberry Cupcakes

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Did you know that strawberry season is right around the corner? Strawberry season is considered to typically run between late April to May through June. Here in Virginia, we count on strawberry season to truly start in May but of course this depends on what kind of weather we’ve had. Strawberries are always best picked fresh and this time of year reminds me that summer is just ahead of us. I love baking with strawberries for their sweet and slightly tart flavor which stands alone brightly or compliments other fruits and chocolate oh so well.

Strawberry cakes and cupcakes are either two things: great or not so great and the consequence of not-so-great strawberry bakes is usually lack of flavor. For this cupcake recipe, I’ve used fresh strawberries for moisture but if it’s not quite the right time for strawberries where you are, I encourage you to use frozen strawberries. When thawed, they are nearly as fresh and smell heavenly, as if they’ve just been picked. A good strawberry jam or preserves pack a punch and I always recommend Bonne Maman. This recipe calls for pure vanilla extract as well as a strawberry flavoring. I recommend Amoretti’s Natural Artisan Strawberry flavor since it is all natural and there is no artificial coloring. A little bit of this will go a long way and will bring so much to your cupcakes or any bake. A vanilla or strawberry buttercream pairs well with these and I’ve linked my favorite strawberry buttercream recipe below.

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